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ACC Announces New “Smart Start” Program to Help Manufacturers Begin Digital Transformation

ACC announces a new initiative – Smart Start – to help manufacturers begin the journey to digital transformation and information-based decision-making.  Smart Start is a straightforward, cost-effective way to achieve a specific operational goal on a particular manufacturing line or process area.  As Chris Monchinski, ACC VP of Manufacturing Intelligence states:  “Plant-wide MOM/MES initiatives may appear complex. Smart Start lets a manufacturer tackle a specific use case and achieve a functional solution in a target area quickly and cost-effectively.”  Typical goals for a Smart Start are uncovering the cause of variable quality or performance in the target area. “We are excited that ACC has chosen TrakSYS™ to power their Smart Start initiative” said, Beth Burger, Parsec’s Director of Strategic Initiatives.  “Built to be quickly deployed with out-of-the-box functionality, the Smart Start packages come with a comprehensive set of features that have been designed to address manufacturers’ most pressing needs.”

Smart Starts include the software licenses based on Parsec TrakSYS™ as well as services delivered by ACC’s manufacturing information and automation team, resulting in an operational functional system that starts delivering value in about six weeks.  Standard Smart Start packages include Quality, Performance, and Track & Trace. 

To learn more and get started, please visit or email

Smart start press release FOR RELEASE 29-Jun-2020

ACC can also customize a Smart Start tailored to a specific set of operational needs.