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Manufacturing Intelligence

By focusing on business and operational goals, ACC works with manufacturers to develop a pragmatic, value-based approach to implementing a Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) solution. The goal for an MI solution is to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into real knowledge and to use that knowledge to drive business results

Electronic Records

ACC recognizes the burden in time and errors that paper-based records can place on an organization. We provide solutions for creating full digital manufacturing records (Batch Records, Device History Records, etc.), leading to improved efficiency, reduced errors, better visibility, reduced time-to-release, and agility to meet changing market demands.

Production Performance

Measurement of metrics like OEE and capturing quality metrics help manufacturers make better decisions about scheduling, resources and capacity planning. We take a methodical approach to defining your plant model and helping to “filter out the noise” in determining the most important metrics to monitor.

Plant Visibility

Most manufacturers have invested heavily in ERP and plant automation; today’s most successful companies know that accurate and timely information exchange between business and manufacturing systems is crucial to continued profitability, agility and customer satisfaction. ACC’s approach leverages technology and standards to simplify the integration of these systems, leading to better business decisions through access to current and accurate information.

Track and Trace

ACC applies a consistent, standards-based methodology for using technology to track manufacturing resources from receipt of raw materials, equipment usage, personnel training, and completion of manufactured products.

ACC is committed to the definition of standards such as ISA S95 Control-to-Enterprise Interface (ACC is founding and voting member, and Chris Monchinski our VP of Manufacturing Intelligence is the current co-chair of this committee). We also work with customers to define standardized platforms and practices, which can then be globally deployed.