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MedImmune Manufacturing Facility

MedImmune needed to increase the capacity of their egg-based vaccine manufacturing, embarking on the project with ACC to change and automate the production processes and equipment.

Operation Warp Speed

Janssen required access to near real-time data in order to monitor key production and quality metrics and assure the success of each batch. The contract manufacturer’s Operation Technology (OT) infrastructure of control systems and data collection is isolated from both internal and outside networks – particularly networks with internet access.

Rebuilding Fractionation Suite

After carefully reviewing the requirements and
existing applications, ACC determined it was
necessary to completely redevelop the entire
PLC and SCADA program and hardware from
scratch. A distributed system was designed
that reduced the lengths of electrical and
pneumatic runs.

West Of The Pecos Solar Park

With more than 32 million customers, this energy company is focused on making energy that can be generated locally, stored and used anywhere. With this goal in mind, they looked to develop a 670-acre area into a solar park for energy generation in Orla, Texas.

End To End Traceability Beer Brewing And Bottling

One of the world’s largest brewers partnered with ACC to realize their digital transformation initiatives. With locations all around the globe, their primary need was a configurable MES solution that would be easily packaged
and deployed by local partners.

Car Part Remanufacturing Facility

In a car remanufacturing facility used products
are first manually disassembled into what is
called “cores” that are disassembled parts or
components. CRP uses these cores for steering racks and pumps. A typical remanufacturing facility consists of a warehouse for receiving
and shipping…

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