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Smart Solutions

Delivering smart solutions to unlock customer potential.

What are Smart Solutions?

Customer focused


Low risk

At ACC, we pride ourselves on providing smart solutions to our customers. A smart solution begins by listening to you to understand the solution’s requirements, risks, and schedule and budget constraints. Our smart solutions meet or exceed these requirements and minimize risk, by applying an appropriate level of proven technology, and integrating customization and cutting-edge alternatives only when needed.

The smart solution begins long before the order is placed. Early pre-sales engagement establishes an initial understanding of our customer’s organization and needs even before a project is identified. The relationships we build at these early stages lead to a successful team effort throughout the solution life cycle.

Smart solutions continue with ongoing support. We have your back – through vehicles like our 24/7/365 service agreements and secure remote support. ACC’s leadership shares its expertise with periodic technical round table discussion forums and lunch-n-learns to keep you updated on industry trends. We partner with our key accounts in forecasting and resource planning to ensure your ACC team can be available for future projects.

Bioreactor Control System

Lab Owl™ is a flexible, fully integrated, remote access bioreactor control and information system for cell culture, fermentation, regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy applications. Lab Owl features an easy-to-use interface for bioreactor automation and process control that is highly adaptable and has been leveraged in applications ranging from development labs operating bench-top parallel bioreactors to pilot plants and manufacturing operations.

Industrial Workstations & Hardware

OP/Station® is a division of ACC, the OP/Station product is an Industrial Computer Workstation designed for NEMA 12/4/4X and hazardous duty environments. OP/Station is recognized as a rugged workstation that provides exceptional value, flexibility and reliability to our customers.

Equipment & Environmental Monitoring

In collaboration with Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., TruTraq is ACC’s smart solution for equipment and environmental monitoring, has everything you need – a front-end that is easy to use and configure, sensors designed for your application, control panels, turnkey installation and startup, as well as GAMP 5 documentation to comply with qualification of your facility. Data is securely collected, alarm conditions are detected, and personnel alerted to prevent compromise of product and equipment. TruTraq enables the success of your compliance, quality, safety, and data collection efforts.