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Starting the Journey to Digitization

On beginning the journey to digitization…..Leading a new initiative is not easy, it requires that we get out of our comfort zone. It’s tempting to wait for the “perfect” time and business climate. The purpose of ACC’s new Smart start series is to help manufacturers begin the path toward digitization that leads to information-based decision-making. Each Smart start provides a cost-effective, straightforward way to achieve a specific operational goal.   For example, the Quality Smart start may be intended to uncover the cause of variable quality in a specific process area or line. Software licenses, based on the TrakSYS platform from Parsec™, are provided along with services from ACC’s exceptional manufacturing information team.  The goal is an operational solution that enables customers to achieve their goals in just  six weeks.  The Quality Smart start will be first, then we’ll  roll out Smart starts as a series – Track & Trace, Performance, Maintenance, etc. 

“Watch for the announcement coming soon and join us on the journey!”